Powder Coated Yeti Cups

Without a doubt, YETI is the cup of choice. The coveted holy grail of drink ware -- whether you are a outdoor enthusiast backpacking across the tundra or a regular drinker of a good cup of Joe on the way to work. If you were lucky enough to find yourself the owner of a YETI, you now realize there was a hole in your life that you didn't know exsisted before. But its ok, because now it is fulfilled. *sip, sip, ahhh*

BUT... Herein lies the problem:

1) Now everyone has the same cup!... Which YETI is yours? You put yours where? Is this my YETI?

and 2) Because of the high dollar price tag and the high demand, thieves are doing what they do best. boo. Generic, blank cups are easy to make "disappear". 

What is Powder coating?
Answer: Powder coating is an exciting advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish to your YETI cup. A clean, and efficient electrostatic powder coating process that relies on the attraction between charged particles that are fused and melt together when heated. The heat of the oven causes a chemical reaction to occur and the powder to cure, creating a highly durable finish. Further, powder coating does not require the use of harmful chemicals. 

What makes the powder "stick" to the YETI?
Answer: The powder is charged via an electrostatic process. This causes the powder to cling to the metal throughout the baking process.

What does "baking" have to do with it?
Answer: After your YETI coated with powder, it is crucial to properly bake it. The heat in the oven will cause the powder to melt and form a protective sheet around your YETI.  This process gives the paint its increased durability and professional look. 

Is It Environmentally Friendly?
Answer: Powder coating is recognized as an environmentally friendly process because it doesn't rely on solvents or chemical carriers. Because powder coating relies on the electrostatic charge to hold the paint to the work piece, powder coating eliminates VOC emission problems.

Is it safe to drink from?
Answer: Yes. The outside of your cup is the only area being powder coated. Everything inside, where your beverage would touch, remains stainless steel and perfectly safe.

Can I put it in the dishwasher?
Answer: (seriously?) No, silly. Powder coating the outside of your YETI does not mean you can put it in the dishwasher.... well you CAN, but YETI says it'll ruin the vaccum seal in your cup so... yeah. Lets go with no. just no. Better just hand wash it.

How Durable Is It?
Answer: Powder coatings are very resistant to cracking and peeling. The finish can scratch and be picked off like any painted on finish, but if you take care of your cup properly, your YETI should be beautiful for a very long time. 

How durable is the powder coating and what types are there?
Answer: One of the best things about powder coating is how incredibly durable and strong the powder is.  It stands up against the toughest conditions, keeping its original polished look.

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